Announcing - Self service advertising for print.

Publishers are leaving money on the table. Just add our 'create ad' button to your website and you are open for business.

Advertising in print is hard and inaccessible. There is huge audience in print, but only a small percentage of advertisers is able to reach them, mainly corporates. Publishers are leaving money on the table. By not servicing small and medium size advertisers. Our online platform enables small advertisers to easily create and place ads in all types of printed media. The world of print has to change and we are ready to take up that challenge by providing publishers with a new business model.
It's crazy that you can create and place ads online at Google, but not at your local newspaper or magazine. Online players have addressed the scalability issue of their business by offering advertising platforms like 'Google Adwords' or 'Linkedin Direct Ads' via self service. Our platform brings this power of direct online conversion to publishers worldwide.

Marvia is launching our new product,, at The Next Web Conference. This is a completely new 'click&go' online service for creating and placing ads in all types of printed media. We take the pain out of print and enable small and medium sized enterprises to easily create and place beautiful ads in minutes. Self service advertising allows publishers to lower prices, because we take out the cost of design, sales and traffic. So publishers can still make serious margins on these types of ads.

The largest market we address are in print magazines, journals and newspapers. is able to output documents in all digital formats, thus future-proof. Publishers can come to Marvia for their print, web or tablet publications. Whatever the future of publishing will bring, we are ready.

Self service is key to making your business as a publisher scalable. Automation of the workflow makes advertising efficient and provides publishers with a new business model for small advertisers.

Why do publishers want this? We make print accessible.

  • Efficiency, no more costs for sales, design or traffic
  • Build a relationship with your advertisers by providing this new service
  • Open up your media to the world, make it easy advertise with you

Why do advertisers want this? We bring the benefits of the online world to print.

  • Flexibility, you are in control, no more dependency on design or media agencies
  • It’s really easy to use, we take the pain out of print advertising
  • Your ads are always up-date, directly published in tomorrows newspaper

How does it work?

All a publisher has to do is add our 'create ad' button code to his website and he is open for business, without the requirement for technical integration or setup. The platform provides all steps in the process. From creation of ads via public and branded templates, to placement and checkout. The publisher only receives print-ready documents via our platform.

To view the flow of the platform please refer to the infographic of our ecosystem.

So what does the future hold? 

Marvia is succesfully changing the self-service advertising market in the Netherlands, and are ready to expand internationally. Our AWS (Amazon Web Services) based architecture allows for technical scaling as a result of storage capacity, traffic and server load. Our solution is completely web-based, our button can be used worldwide can and publishers can benefit from this new revenue stream of smaller (SME) advertisers.

Later this year Marvia will be launching the API (Application Programming Interface) for our publishing cloud. Therefore we invite all developers to stay in touch and be the first to try it out. Our publishing cloud enables content owners to create personalized printed products from any type of digital content. Think "Real Facebook books, Travel guides customized just for you, Notepads with your latest tweets, etc. The easiest way to create and place ads in tomorrow's newspaper or magazine.
"Marvia offers all the things that make for a great online service: reliability, speed, and a consistent user experience. " Oscar Kneppers. Founder of magazines Emerce, Bright &
"Advertising's goal is to inform consumers. Marvia knows it's all about the message. Not about technical specification. " Peter van Teeseling. President of CMBO.
"Marvia to me is an example of how all new web applications should be: quick, easy and open. " Marque Joosten. Founder of Funda, Zomoto and
About Marvia

We are a software company based in Amsterdam. Our team started of with the three founders, two MBA's and a technical wizard. Now we are with a team of nine, focused on sales, marketing and development.

From the experience in our previous entrepreneurial endeavors, we came across a noteworthy problem. "How do you easily manage the content in professional print layouts". The web offers brilliant tools for editing and managing websites or email campaigns, but not for print. Until Marvia came along…

Arnoud Havelag
Founder and head of sales.

Jons Janssens
Founder and head of marketing and finance.

Steven van Wel
Founder and head of product and development.